Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Lucky Visit" to Cameron Highlands



"Hi Jan,

I just would like to share my lucky visit to Cameron last week. I was fortunate to stay in one of the Homestay Chalet. It is located in Tanah Kampung Taman Sedia.It is affordable and convenience.Oh! The chalet name is Marina Chalet. is not really about the accomodation. I only would like to thanks the owner for giving my family the best treat ever.Since the weather were raining so heavily that day and we couldn't go anywhere ..without formalities and to our surprised..we were being invited by the owner to join a lunch at their hilltop family residence.While dining the owner told us whole heartedly the full history of Cameron.He even showed us the old black and white pictures of Cameron.We are so honored with the free knowledge and the good foods served.We only realized the owner is actually the first Penghulu of Cameron and had served the district for more than 36 years.His hospitality was second to none as he too offered and drove us to few places that was not in the map.Again I would like to highlight the warm hospitality of Cameron people.Our last visit to Cameron was worth more than the money we had spent.

By the way.. I am still amaze, back to this website, on how you can cope up with all the Cameron updates.You are just like the "Penghulu" that I ve met.I am sure you should be given the "Honorary Star Medal" from the local, particularly the Pahang State authority for promoting CAMERON HIGHLANDS personally.

Please keep it up and congratulation for all the fantastic job. "

Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Hi Jan, looking around for accommodations in CH at the eleventh hour, I come across your name sooo often! your forums have helped me alot. Alast, I found Marina Chalet. It seems like the only accommodation left in CH for this weekend. I would like to ask your personal opinion about this accommodation. There is not much pics of this place, specifically the room. Salmiah, can you please share your opinion on the rooms too? Are they hygienic?


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