Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 thing u must do in Cameron Highlands


For those who still not have an idea how to spend ur times in in Cameron Highland. This are the free tips for u all. 10 thing u must do in Cameron Highlands base on my experience:

1) i would suggested u all to stay at Tanah Rata, more budget hotel operate in tanah rata town and u can find middle rate hotel like century pines hotel and heritage hotel. I’ll stay in Heritage Hotel-view was great and cool..u also can find homestay in kampung sedia (Marina Chalet -0194605008), its own by malay family and more friendly…

2) Having steamboat- actually hard for u to find halal steamboat…so u can order it from the hotel or visit ermida restaurant ( tanah rata). its cost about RM12 to 15 for a person. Trust me u will luv it…

3) Tour from tanah rata to Brinchang or Kea Farm..if u an anergatic and challenges person. Start ur tour by using the parit waterfall track and malay villages (Taman Sedia)..from that villages u will see the smokehouse and Cameron Highlands Resort Hotel. trust me u will enjoy the jungle view and fresh air….

4)Visit the cactus valley, strawberry farm, tea plantation (boh plantation), butterfly farm, Mardi Park.

5)Jungle tracking at Parit Waterfall and Robinson Waterfall. Most challenges! walk and climb the hill until u reach Parit fall check Point, u can stop and view area such as Brinchang, Tanah rata, kmpung sedia..and byk lagi la…

6) Dessert-try on the strawberry tart, scones with blueberry, cheese or cream, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry pai, strawberry milk shack, strawberry cream and honey and try on teh tarik (totally different)-what make this dessert special is because of the fresh and its common to have this kind of dessert when visit to Cameron

7) Shopping- my advice is normally domestic tourist shop a lot souvenir like tea and strawberry dry that u can find it all places..but if u really want to have some shopping,i mean tshirt or others stuff please visit Cameron Jatimas in tanah rata.believe me u can get cheaper price.the owner also friendly and his husband is degree holder..bargain and get cheaper price..

Nite Market- if u have time please visit the nite market operate every night at Brinchang area.

9)Free ride - try to get the free ride when u travel along the way….

10) Visit to the English House : especially Lake House and Smokehouse. U will luv the style and decor inside and outside the house (garden).

Fact: Chinese is the majority live in Cameron and followed by Indian and Malay.. but with the goverment planning more and more malay people are staying at Cameron Highlands. First malays villages been establish is Kampung Taman Sedia.

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