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Dear Sir,

Thanks for highlighting Cameron. Always like to browse your websites, replacing my 'Rindu' being there. I was born there and I've spent my childhood in Cameron till twelve.

Stayed in KL and I always make it a point to go there at least once in 2, 3 years.

Latest was last school holidays and I was so amazed at the development.

Anyway...just curious why you never highlight Kampung Taman Sedia. Actually I feel that "Kampung" is quite a unique area.Reason:1st...the route to Brinchang from Tanah Rata can be shortened by +- 4 km.2nd...There's KHM strawberry (I love the ice-cream).3rd... There's few more small planting industries eg. flower nursery, vege farms, mushroom.4th...there's 2 good place to eat( I think one gerai 'manage by "Women Association" is only open for the morning-breakfast, but another gerai...if not mistaken 'Marina Corner'.. I do recommend eating there. Good food and… important...hassle free. 5th...there's a few so called 'homestay' accommodation. Totally different than the other type of accomodation as it is cheaper and really feel like 'balik to own kampung' (By the way...I always bring my family to stay at one of the regular chalet at Kampung Taman Sedia - Marina Chalet)Really affordable, peaceful, nice view and easy parking.6th... Taman Sedia is one of the entrances to Parit Falls and there's a surau+ grocery shops. Bottom's good for tourist convenience... shortcuts to Brinchang, hassle free eating place, buying emergency groceries and few good 'home stay accommodation + few chalets. Do check personally.

Thanks again and really thanks for creating good & fantastic Cameron Websites. It is The Best!!



Dear Mike,

Many thanks for your nice comment and suggestions.

I'm still collecting information and compiling them and it takes time to collect the information and write an easily comprehensible article. Sometimes it is difficult to get information, and your suggestion is most helpful and it would give me some leads to do research. I don't know about Kg Taman Sedia, perhaps the next time I go up to Cameron Highlands I will look it up.

I go up to Cameron Highlands for my holidays about once a year. Usually just to relax and enjoy the cooler climate and visit the tea plantation. If I'm feeling a little bit more adventures, I usually go for a simple 1 hour+ jungle trek. And of course my wife will go buy the various vegetables, and plants for the house.

Looking around the internet, there are many websites about Cameron Highlands but all give very brief and general information. I decided to try my hand at providing the most comprehensive and related information about Cameron Highlands. It is still a work in progress so I hope to add more as time goes by.

Nice of you to drop a comment and this is the first time I receive a comment from a 'native' of Cameron Highlands!

If you are ever feeling 'rindu' about Camerons, do drop by my website once in awhile!

Thanks again and have a good day!

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