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Marina Chalet at Cameron Highlands, Pahang

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Nov 04, 2010
starstarstarstarstar Superb Relaxation
by: Affenyx IV

Bravo! Value for money!'s not a 6 Stars accommodation. But.. its a 5 Stars for my pocket.

What my family think.....

My love one, my comment but she smiles all the way. Reason...don't have to walk far like the trip before. Its just a door step away from the parking lot. Let me count....10 steps...err..maybe 15. Oh! No more Brinchang Hotel. Hate it! Where to park?? Haiyo!!???

My 2 little princess ....don't even know where they went. They went for a walk and came back with strawberries and ice-cream. Later...missing again and came back with lots of souvenirs. headache to drive them around. Safety.....what? Its a kampong lah! What I heard..on the way back to Johor...."Next Year we go again, okay Pa?"

My Sons...the 3 devilish cupids....also have no comment. As far as I notice...they are at the playground most of the time. No iron bars/grill to lock them up like the life in condo.

For me...a town guy...what else I need...the peacefulness, the greeneries, the weather, free flow tea and a nice surrounding.

About the kampung.....of coz......its a kampung. What else do I expect....a luxury accomodation????
No way!!!!

I'll be back....we'll be back for sure.

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