Friday, June 25, 2010

Homestay - Cameron Highlands

Taman Sedia, a Malay settlement in Cameron Highlands offers homestay accommodation.Many of the Malaysian population still live in a unhurried and rather charming and traditional lifestyle, where time seems to go at snails pace and the air clean and fresh. Treat yourself to a Kampung (village) Homestay in Malaysia. Be "adopted" by a family and be treated as a member of the family for the duration of your stay.

To get a better appreciation of the culture, you may wear traditional attire, go fishing in a river, play kites with the children, eat simple local food, observe local customs, architecture, and furniture and participate in village activities. As they are mostly a Muslim village, there is no alcohol and it is respectful to dress modestly. Many villages still rely on agriculture as their primary source of income.

With the Pahang Homestay Programme, you will get to experience life in a kampung, or traditional village. Leaving all your cultural baggage behind you can immerse yourself in a fascinating culture within the peaceful ambiance of a quaint and rustic Malay rural setting.

Guests will establish a bond with their friendly foster family and get acquainted with the village elders. Friendly children and accommodating neighbours will also help show you the rural way of life. And throughout your stay, they will get to know you and your culture, too. When you return home, you will bring back a memorable cultural experience and the thought that you will always have a family to welcome you whenever you return to Pahang.

The homestay programme in Pahang is also a way of ensuring that rural folks directly share the benefits of tourism. To ensure guests enjoy their stay, hosts observe high standards of cleanliness, safety and hospitality benchmarked by the authorities. The homestay programme was first developed in Pahang in the 1980s. It was an expansion of the student exchange programme, where a young Malaysian stayed with an adopted family of a different cultural programme. It was an extension of the programme mooted by the federal government in the 1970s with the main objective of promoting greater understanding among Malaysians who came from varied racial and religious backgrounds. It gained greater popularity when foreign students started to participate in the exchange programmes.

Homestay in Cameron Highlands

Taman Sedia, a Malay settlement in Cameron Highlands offers homestay accommodation. The 28-acre village, located about 1 km from the town of Tanah Rata has all the amenities of any modern settlements with sundry shops, restaurants and handycraft outlets.


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