Friday, June 25, 2010

Golf Course Taman Sedia, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (or Tanah Tinggi Cameron in Malay) is located in the state of Pahang. Currently, there are two main roads that connect major towns in west coast of Peninsula Malaysia (such as Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang) to this popular highland resort town. The older access point is the Tapah - Ringlet route while the newer access has since been built from Simpang Pulai - Kg Raja.

The golf course is located inside the gazetted natural park area of Taman Sedia, which is located about 5 minutes north of Tanah Rata. The golf course is also located opposite Cameron Highlands Resort (formerly known as Merlin Inn Resort).

Who doesn't appreciate superb green meadows amidst rolling hills of Cameron Highlands? For me, even as a non-golfer (at least not yet), I always fancy the sight of endless greenery intertwined with small and large shrubs, what more with the cool climate that Cameron Highlands has to offer all year round. With an altitude of about 5,000-ft above sea level, the weather is always pleasant for golfing in Cameron Highlands (except for that occasional drizzle, and God forbids, heavy rain!).

Actually, the golf course is a public one, hence it is opened to non-club members as well. It is run by the district office of Cameron Highlands which is pretty much the local governing authority of the area. So do not expect extra plush club house entries with pergola terraces or whatever you have in mind. The golf course offers 18 holes with undulating fairways, small meandering river streams and tricky bunkers.

As of the fees, one can tee off at RM53 during weekdays and RM84 on weekends or public holidays. There are also 50-percent discounted rates if you opt to tee off after 1700hrs in the evening. As usual, equipment can also be rented, ranging from full- or half-set of golfing gears, turf shoes, trolleys and even local caddies.

One might be wondering what exactly is Taman Sedia, literally means "ready garden" in Malay (but still doesn't make a whole lot of sense). It is actually a landscaped public park that features various jungle trails, a number of hotels and resorts, walking foot paths, etc. In short, it is some sort of a green lung of Tanah Rata which has been gazetted for natural space, what more with other surrounding areas seemed to have been ravaged by the call of development. There are really some nice colonial-themed bungalows in Taman Sedia, the most glamourous one, hands down, goes to Ye Olde Smokehouse, although other bungalows are pretty much well-hidden in the jungle and most of them are owned by private companies in Malaysia.

A great place for a stroll with beautiful view. Can't comment much about the golfing.


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